Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know you've heard of him...

I know you've heard of him - for over 50 years Andrea Carrano has been synonymous with stylish "Italian-made" women's shoes. Carrano began crafting his internationally-famed luxury line as a 17 year-old high school student. Yes, that's what I said - high school. What he lacked in experience he made up for in talent, style and passion. By 1962 he had established a chain of boutiques throughout Italy devoted solely to Andrea Carrano shoes and leather goods. Along with his adorable wife Betta he was one of the first Italian designers to open a boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York, and thereby introduced himself to the American market.

The creation of Carrano's ballerina flat dates to the 1950's, and in the United States it is still known by the name Baby. The Baby continues to be the essence of the Andrea Carrano line. In the last twenty years of the late Andrea Carrano's life, his darling wife Betta was by his side, and his muse quickly developed into an extraordinary designer in her own right. A young, talented woman with an international background, Betta's creativity and enthusiasm contributed tremendously to the company. After a ten-year hiatus, she has finally revived the Andrea Carrano brand, and we are so thrilled she did!

Fleur's shelves (and my feet!) are stocked with Carrano's spring line. My current obsession: the red polka dot flat...

Oh, and did I mention that Betta is coming for a visit??? Mark your calendars, friends, the beautiful Betta will be with us to gab it up and show us her latest designs on Thursday, May 14th. I personally can't wait!


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