Monday, October 11, 2010

Asian Pear Palate

Yesterday I discovered the Asian Pear.
It is delicious.
It looks like an apple has the texture of a radish but it tastes like the sweetest, juiciest pear you have ever had. AND they are grown right here in North Carolina.

They are delightfully delicious and refreshing, but as I was picking out the very best ones to take home and put in my lunch box, I noticed how perfectly shaped each one was.
The warm golden color and variety of sizes gave me the idea of a possible fall center piece or an overflowing bowl on my side table.
Or something even more creative like this:

I gobbled one up like an apple today but have been thinking of some more ideas of how to enjoy this fall delicacy:

What about:
2 Wheat Tortillas
1 Asian Pear Sliced
handful of fresh spinach leaves
Brie Cheese Slices
Pop in the 350 degree oven for 12-15 min
enjoy with a crisp Pinot Grigio


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