Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspire Me

Today I am looking for inspiration. 
Inspiration for a hobby, for a delicious dinner idea, or just for figuring out what I am going to put on in the morning. 
I think I need to just take some time to explore the world and create a wall of items that spark my interest like Harvey Faircloth's. 

I am endlessly awed by their inspiration, so I decided to learn a little bit more.
This is what I found on Linkdin: 

"HARVEY FAIRCLOTH is dedicated to creating spirited, off-kilter classics for modern women. The fearless creators are friends from the American west: Katie Hatch, Abby Clawson Low and Mara Papa whose forebearers were pioneers, rodeo queens, barrel-racers and goldminers, making them tough and unafraid of hard work and high temperatures. You could say that their impossibly chic and razor-sharp clothing has a certain plucky, pioneering spirit. They were also the kinds of girls who spent lots of time with their noses in books, learning classical languages and minding their manners. This is what you might call a beautiful contradiction. And this is really the idea behind HARVEY FAIRCLOTH"

How cool do they sound...
What are you inspired by?

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