Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One mistake i always make....

After last nights celebratory "post bank" champagne, I awoke this morning with a dreadful headache, not from a hangover, but from the infamous clothing BOMB!! You know the kind...everything that once hung in your closet "beautifully" is now in a GIANT ball on the floor....'s so painful when cleaning, especially realizing most items need to be sent back to the dry cleaner for pressing!!
On the flip side- you find out which clothes in your closet are the MOST resilient. The one line that will stand the test of time and trample is MMissoni...check out the pic, 18 hours stuffed in a corner and still wrinkle free!!!

PS....still can't find one of my bo'em feather flop???

Visit us online at or come pick up a piece of resilience at our store.


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