Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Much?

Q: At what point do your friends give you an intervention and tell you that you are wearing too much jewelry?
A: Never, because there is never enough. So I hope...I really like vintage looking things and huge bauble bangles. I still need my hands on a Cartier LOVE bracelet...

Summer makes me so lazy when it comes to getting dressed. Raleigh is seriously one million degrees and my wardrobe lately is too easy. Throw a dress over my head and I'm ready; and it's probably navy because 4 of my favorite dresses this summer are navy. To make me feel  less guilty over taking only a second to get dressed and running out of the house I'm making up for it by wearing lots of jewelry.

Too Much? I thought so too...this was just for fun. I wish I was cool enough to pull this off.
 The good stuff has not even come out of my jewelry drawer, I feel like its for special occasion or holidays. Summer jewelry is random mixed matched bangles, wraps, the more random the better. Extra points if when moving you make tons of noise.

Arm of jewels thanks to Madison. I always like her jewelry style, said send me a pic of your arm and this is what I got. Perfect.
 Note that blue thing below closest to my wrist? It is a Twistband ( and I am obsessed! Since I end up with my hair on top of my head every day this is not only the best hair tie ever but looks like an addition to the madness on my arm.
A bit more normal

These Roberta Roller Rabbit bangles live here at Fleur. I love the clanking noise they make...may have to add to my own collection...
So until fall or at least non-100 degree days arrive, keep the jewelry. Fall fever is taking over and we are only in July. I think it takes me longer to grab jewels, shoes and find my sunglasses in the morning that it does to put on an outfit lately. I only have on this Alice and Olivia kimono dress thanks to Christina. It's not navy...

Oh! And follow our blog to get a little treat from Fleur.
(The heat is making us feel festive I guess)

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