Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's all in the details...

There is nothing fun about moving….. EXCEPT being able to decorate a new home! Going through all the old things packed away in the attic is time consuming and tedious. I’d much rather be out antique hunting or fabric shopping! You can rediscover and reinvent yourself in a new house. As I take on this gruesome task I am hanging on to the light at the end of the tunnel… anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new chair and sofa pillows! The colors and prints of the Spring and Summer fashions this year have totally inspired me while decorating my new place. I have fallen in love with the color yellow. We received a new Shoshanna shipment today and I would kill to have the yellow and white floral print dress turned into accent pillows for my new yellow bedroom. I am all about accenting with a pop of color! The neutrals out this year are fresh and crisp but it’s all about the details… like the tiny bow on the back of the nude colored Jerome Rousseau five inch peep toe pumps or the grosgrain floret accent on the toe of the black leather Pandora pump! Neutrals are classic and timeless… they allow us to update our wardrobe AND household each season depending on the latest trends and inspirations! Be inspired…checkout all of the new inventory at Fleur!!! Happy decorating!


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