Tuesday, June 16, 2009

let your imagination run wild...

In an effort to put off the overwhelming task of writing a million thank you notes for wedding gifts, (all of which we love and greatly appreciate, it’s just such a tedious task!) I have become obsessed with the Vivre website. Most of you are probably familiar with this website and I’m just step behind… but as we continue to unpack wedding gifts I have found myself looking for the perfect accents to go with all the beautiful dishes and plates we received. Vivre has such a variety of unique items to help set the perfect table… they have fascinating flatware and candle sticks as well as this gorgeous chandelier by Erickson Beamon!!! Obviously I am living in a fantasy world by even trying to imagine this beautiful creation hanging over our humble (almost miniature size) table. But a girl can always dream… and as Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”


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