Thursday, May 28, 2009

I saw and I sawed...

inspiration is FUNNY- it can make you do the craziest things!! some may stay up all night obsessing, or file it away in a, i chose to use a hand saw!!
no lie, i was to inches away from shredding my favorite Mint dress- all in the name of a window display!!
let me give you some background... i saw Trina Turk's window display at her NYC location and can't seem to shake it from the brain. it's a jaw dropper, i can barely contain myself!! Joel Woodward, the designer, concocted this brilliant idea-what a creative way to take a summer tent and bring it to life!!
soooo....we couldn't resist the inspiration-took out our tools- and came up with fleur's summer rendition of "the cabana"!! i am not much of a wood worker, and will say, this is my last experience with a hand saw EVER- but more importantly- i am dying to know what y'all think!!
come by the store and check it out!! ohh.. i included a pic (courtesy of peak of chic) of what i saw...
check us out online- we are having great sale!


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