Monday, July 25, 2011

Admit it, she had style...

Playlist today at Fleur: Amy Winehouse. The crazy tattoos, extreme cat-eyeliner, the hair and the outfits...that's what I'm talking about! Don't want to mention the drugs, booze and rehab, bottom line is she had style. Not the most normal style, but something to take note of...

Bryan Adams for Bazaar: love this picture
Check out the interview in Harpers Bazaar and more pics from the Bryan Adams shoot. This is from last fall, kind of creepy to read especially at the end...

Chanel Inspiration

Beehive especially, I like things a little different. Apparently I am not the only one... Coco Rocha, Amy Winehouse-esque for Chanel. Little bit for the style radar. RIP.

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