Friday, July 22, 2011

Have I mentioned my soft spot for snake print?

Or the color Persimmon? Well...

1.  I loveee a good snake print. A WELL DONE snake print. Note: well done
2. Persimmon is one of my favorite colors, I can not have a normal favorite color like blue or pink, oh no. It's a deep red-orange shade. Pretty.

Done Right

So, imagine my excitement when our new By Malene Birger shipment arrived and contained a snake print blouse, a persimmon ruffle blouse, and a cocktail dress of a navy and black combo. Too much.

Here is a peek at the new fall in at Fleur...



Yes again. Ruffle= added bonus
Black and Navy. Yes.

  These arrivals have put me in the best mood to start the weekend- Happy Friday!

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