Monday, August 22, 2011

Color Code

This pretty little Kirribilla dress came in today to Fleur, and the color is to die for-Perfect for Fall!

New Kirribilla in at Fleur- SO pretty

Maybe since I had spent yesterday reading September issues, I knew I had been seeing lots of Teal around so did a little Googeling, and this is the result:

The colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report are pretty much the "It Girls" or "In Crowd" for Fall 2011. Click that link to see Deep Teal's fashionable friends. I personally love the Phlox, Emberglow, and Orchid Hush also...what a lineup!

Just to note: the Gucci Fall 2011 Deep Teal is pretty awesome! Do I see Deep Teal Snake??
I think we will be seeing LOTS more from this color lineup!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Am I rushing things?

I'm sure I am rushing things since I have had fall fever since the end of June...

However, the past few mornings here in Raleigh have been a little cooler...and the past few nights have been a little cooler...and this gives me hope fall is coming.
This new Calypso sweater came in yesterday, and of course I want/need it. The possibilities are endless for this thing. If you are 5'3 like me, its a big cashmere blanket...


The Eloise sweater; also by Calypso lives here at the store. SO COZY!

I had better stop before I jinx myself and tomorrow morning when I go out for coffee its 90...

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now and Then

If I were to pull out the cashmere, jeans, and riding boots I would either A: get funny looks or B: pass out walking to the Starbucks. Although I am running out of summer clothes (really) this is not happening...

Fall transition is needed! Stuff to wear now, make little wardrobe adjustments to, and then take into the fall and winter months. So no cashmere yet for this girl, but the new Shoshanna shipment has sort of inspired me to have hope.

Take a peek...

My favorite!
Either of these would be great now with a pair of white jeans and some wedges. I have big plans for the "favorite blouse", that tucked into some light wash extreme wide legs?? YES PLEASE!


I really like mixing black and navy...either of these dresses going into October/November ish with a black tight...a black lace tight?! Yep. Now with a tan and a nude shoe?!? Yep.

Great things to get me through the rest of the Summer and into the fall without having a meltdown. Literally.

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