Friday, September 9, 2011

20% off a new fall something! Yes Please!!

 I LOVE when people say they read the Fleur blog, it makes me feel great! So in return, here is a little treat for you all...
Just because...

All of you blog readers, Facebook-ers, and email-receivers; here is a little something for you!

IT IS JUST FOR THIS come take advantage. Trust me, there are so many great new fall things so 20% is kind of awesome! 

Thank you!! oo

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dark Side

Last night I crossed over. Completely appropriate since today is September 1st, the dark nail polish is back.

Thanks so much to the nice little nail spa in North Hills for having something dark and to my liking since I didn't like my own color I brought with me to use (eek! because I'm afraid of germs) but it was a new bottle...LUCKY! Its pretty much black...reminded me of this color I'm trying to get my hands on but can not find anywhere online anymore...

Chanel. Black Velvet.
I have such a weakness for Chanel polishes, such a little treat!

Is it really sick I went home and re-organized my nail polishes last night and put away the summer ones and took out the fall?????

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