Thursday, July 28, 2011

RHOBH Round 2!

JAW TO THE FLOOR...I have watched this preview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 100 times and I am SO excited for the new season! We all love us some RHs here at Fleur, my personal favorite is BH...

1. I am a little obsessed with Kyle Richards. We are hair twins.
2. Good job if you understand my abbreviations!
3. Viewing party at my house on 9/5?? Lets hope my new orange chair arrives by then because my couch is tiny...


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Admit it, she had style...

Playlist today at Fleur: Amy Winehouse. The crazy tattoos, extreme cat-eyeliner, the hair and the outfits...that's what I'm talking about! Don't want to mention the drugs, booze and rehab, bottom line is she had style. Not the most normal style, but something to take note of...

Bryan Adams for Bazaar: love this picture
Check out the interview in Harpers Bazaar and more pics from the Bryan Adams shoot. This is from last fall, kind of creepy to read especially at the end...

Chanel Inspiration

Beehive especially, I like things a little different. Apparently I am not the only one... Coco Rocha, Amy Winehouse-esque for Chanel. Little bit for the style radar. RIP.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Have I mentioned my soft spot for snake print?

Or the color Persimmon? Well...

1.  I loveee a good snake print. A WELL DONE snake print. Note: well done
2. Persimmon is one of my favorite colors, I can not have a normal favorite color like blue or pink, oh no. It's a deep red-orange shade. Pretty.

Done Right

So, imagine my excitement when our new By Malene Birger shipment arrived and contained a snake print blouse, a persimmon ruffle blouse, and a cocktail dress of a navy and black combo. Too much.

Here is a peek at the new fall in at Fleur...



Yes again. Ruffle= added bonus
Black and Navy. Yes.

  These arrivals have put me in the best mood to start the weekend- Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Check out page 147...
Has anyone spotted our By Malene Birger cardi in the new issue of Glamour?

We are so excited to be featured! The calls and emails are coming in, please contact us for info on this beautiful piece! A great addition to a Fall wardrobe!

Call us at 919-571-6203 or email us at

Thanks Glamour!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Come and get it...Fleur Summer Sale

Happy Friday! I've had 3 cups of coffee, been up since 6, and failed to listen to my GPS; resulting in a giant loop around the beltline.Lets say I am definitely ready for the weekend. I NEED it, as I am sure many of you do as well!

 My Saturdays are usually random, lazy, and I always find myself doing some sort of errand which leads to some sort of shopping. So, if you happen to be in Raleigh, specifically North Hills, and doing that same thing stop in and check out our summer sale here at Fleur. Literally half of the store is 50% off and we need it out of here so we can start to focus on FALL. (Yes, Fall.) As previously mentioned, I already have fall fever and this little shipment did not help...

take a peek...

Looking very glamorous still in the box.Not even unpacked yet! I have a soft spot for a good snake you see the snake print in this box?!

Come by this Saturday and although I will not be here, check out the new things and take advantage of our sale! Once the sale is almost gone...the fun snake print can come out....

Fleur Summer Sale! 50% off a small ton of summer merchandise...come and get it.


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Much?

Q: At what point do your friends give you an intervention and tell you that you are wearing too much jewelry?
A: Never, because there is never enough. So I hope...I really like vintage looking things and huge bauble bangles. I still need my hands on a Cartier LOVE bracelet...

Summer makes me so lazy when it comes to getting dressed. Raleigh is seriously one million degrees and my wardrobe lately is too easy. Throw a dress over my head and I'm ready; and it's probably navy because 4 of my favorite dresses this summer are navy. To make me feel  less guilty over taking only a second to get dressed and running out of the house I'm making up for it by wearing lots of jewelry.

Too Much? I thought so too...this was just for fun. I wish I was cool enough to pull this off.
 The good stuff has not even come out of my jewelry drawer, I feel like its for special occasion or holidays. Summer jewelry is random mixed matched bangles, wraps, the more random the better. Extra points if when moving you make tons of noise.

Arm of jewels thanks to Madison. I always like her jewelry style, said send me a pic of your arm and this is what I got. Perfect.
 Note that blue thing below closest to my wrist? It is a Twistband ( and I am obsessed! Since I end up with my hair on top of my head every day this is not only the best hair tie ever but looks like an addition to the madness on my arm.
A bit more normal

These Roberta Roller Rabbit bangles live here at Fleur. I love the clanking noise they make...may have to add to my own collection...
So until fall or at least non-100 degree days arrive, keep the jewelry. Fall fever is taking over and we are only in July. I think it takes me longer to grab jewels, shoes and find my sunglasses in the morning that it does to put on an outfit lately. I only have on this Alice and Olivia kimono dress thanks to Christina. It's not navy...

Oh! And follow our blog to get a little treat from Fleur.
(The heat is making us feel festive I guess)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thankful it's Tuesday...

I don’t mind Mondays- it’s Tuesdays and Wednesdays I am not fond of for whatever reason. While going through my emails this morning, filtering the junk mail, all of the Google+ invites, and making email filters like OCD I had come across this little chain deep in the archives. The “Thankful it's Monday” email list, created by a Monday hater, you list a couple small things you are thankful for and pass on to the next. Sort of the email version of a snap cup; boosts the mood, re-cap the weekend; little things that make you happy, say whatever you please- just pass on.

I know it’s awful of me, but I press the “Delete Message On Mailbox & Handheld” button and proceed with my day 99.9% of the time…. However, I thought this may be something deserving of the Fleur blog. A little Tuesday pick me up, and “Thankful it’s Tuesday” has a much better ring to it!

So, in no particular order (I like things in 5s), here is my list of what I am thankful for this Monday Tuesday:

1. Today, I am having a great hair day. Anyone who sees me often knows this is not always the case, and 6 out of 7 days I have bed head. I will give credit to my new Bumble and Bumble conditioner.
2. I have a new playlist, and new music makes me oh so happy. Thank you CB for my new mix!
3. Starbucks. Needed no matter what the day. Also, thankful the nice people at the Starbucks let me steal a lighter to take care of #5 on the list...
4. New cleaning products. Opening up something new to use will brighten my day. Sounding insane yet? Be happy you were not here to witness the new canister of Clorox antibacterial wipes. Seriously.
5. The Blue Hydrangea candle I have lit at the side of the desk. Until I get a delivery of blue hydrangeas, this will have to work…Much happier already. Even for a Tuesday.

Looks like the candle will have to suffice...

What are you all thankful for on this Tuesday? The more obscure the better!

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