Thursday, May 28, 2009

I saw and I sawed...

inspiration is FUNNY- it can make you do the craziest things!! some may stay up all night obsessing, or file it away in a, i chose to use a hand saw!!
no lie, i was to inches away from shredding my favorite Mint dress- all in the name of a window display!!
let me give you some background... i saw Trina Turk's window display at her NYC location and can't seem to shake it from the brain. it's a jaw dropper, i can barely contain myself!! Joel Woodward, the designer, concocted this brilliant idea-what a creative way to take a summer tent and bring it to life!!
soooo....we couldn't resist the inspiration-took out our tools- and came up with fleur's summer rendition of "the cabana"!! i am not much of a wood worker, and will say, this is my last experience with a hand saw EVER- but more importantly- i am dying to know what y'all think!!
come by the store and check it out!! ohh.. i included a pic (courtesy of peak of chic) of what i saw...
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here comes Calypso...

You asked for it so we got it -- a BIG shipment from Calypso set to arrive in the store on Thursday am -- lots of styles, colors, and sizes. With summer around the one must have the right wardrobe to feel cool yet stylish. Come get one of the adorable short-sleeved Rowena dresses in a print or a solid -- the embroidery allows it to go day to night easily! This is one of my absolute FAVORITE styles (as you will be able to tell with the quantity we've ordered ;)) -- I think I may even have to grab a few colors out of the box. Hurry in fast because as you all know Calypso will not stay on the rack for more than a few days!! Feel free to email or call with any questions -- we are happy to hold a size for you! Happy Calypso shopping and please visit our website for other fantastic finds

PS -- we are continuing our SPRING SALE so do not forget to take a peek while you are in!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

walk a mile in YOUR shoes...

Girls, get your high heels out… we’re going to walk a mile in our own shoes to raise money for the Women’s Center of Wake County!!!

On June 6th, we are going to meet Marbles Museum at 9:30AM for the Walk for Women…come help support those in our community who are in need. In order to raise awareness and increase participation, Fleur is hosting a shoe drive for the next two weeks! Bring your “gently worn” old shoes to Fleur and receive 10 % off a new pair of shoes! All the shoes donated will go to the Women’s Center of Wake County to help women and their families who are trying to get on their feet.

While you are in the store check out our NEW and SALE merchandise... new inventory from Heidi Merrick, Mint and Andrea Carrano...40% off Paul and Joe, See by Chloe and Moschino Cheap and Chic.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rookie Mistake

So there I was chatting with my buddies at the pool about what else - our hair..."Oh just color your roots, it is so easy." " Just like sun-in, no problem" So what do I to the store for some touch-up. Well, who says a brunette gone blonde can't be a red? So much for the at-home spa, lesson learned. Normally, I would throw on a very stylish hat to mask the problem and to protect the face, but as you could guess, we have dinner plans! UGH!! Good thing I have my neutral Foley & Corinna dress to balance out the color. Hopefully the table will be candlelight so noone will notice.
Have a great weekend! If you need a break from the sun, check out our website - We are having a terrific sale!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and they call it mellow yellow...

Yesterday, while surfing through my "saved" pics of struck me... hmmm.. here's another route I can take in redecorating my new space- Whether you sit on it- or wear it- the color combo of yellow and white can turn the PASTIEST into Hawaiian tropics!!
Couldn't resist a split screen and to me... this translates beautifully!! It's a match up of mellow yellows.....

Visit us at or come see us in the Cameron Village location- I must say, the other 3 styles from Shoshanna we received are scrumptious!!

Memorial Day here we come...

I cannot believe Memorial Day is already -- the official start to summer or beach season for most -- so WTF on this 40 degree weather crap??? We live in North Carolina -- I would maybe expect such temps if i were headed to the Jersey shore but these temps are ridic for us down south. Regardless of the weather -- although today's forcast looks great for NC beaches -- I am going to bust out my new Shoshanna bikini and tunic --WAY CUTE!! Well atleast it is WAY CUTE on the hanger -- I have yet to try it on my "haven't seen the sun in 9 months" body -- could be frightening!! Anyway, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend -- I will take a bright towel so those who need me can spot me -- otherwise with this lovely tan I will blend right in with the sand!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's all in the details...

There is nothing fun about moving….. EXCEPT being able to decorate a new home! Going through all the old things packed away in the attic is time consuming and tedious. I’d much rather be out antique hunting or fabric shopping! You can rediscover and reinvent yourself in a new house. As I take on this gruesome task I am hanging on to the light at the end of the tunnel… anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new chair and sofa pillows! The colors and prints of the Spring and Summer fashions this year have totally inspired me while decorating my new place. I have fallen in love with the color yellow. We received a new Shoshanna shipment today and I would kill to have the yellow and white floral print dress turned into accent pillows for my new yellow bedroom. I am all about accenting with a pop of color! The neutrals out this year are fresh and crisp but it’s all about the details… like the tiny bow on the back of the nude colored Jerome Rousseau five inch peep toe pumps or the grosgrain floret accent on the toe of the black leather Pandora pump! Neutrals are classic and timeless… they allow us to update our wardrobe AND household each season depending on the latest trends and inspirations! Be inspired…checkout all of the new inventory at Fleur!!! Happy decorating!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG.....

Bring on Summer! I don't know what it is but I love love love Summer - hot days, shorts and t-shirts, swimming in the ocean - it is just the best! Thank goodness Fleur also loves summer - did you see all of their Spring items are 40% off - I can't believe it! They are getting tons of new great summer things in everyday.  Well, I am off......there was a Missoni dress and Moschino pair of shoes that I have been eyeing - who can't justify a sale item!  If you can't make it in the store - of course everything is listed online as well

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm settling into a glass of Cakebread Chardonnay (2007 Anderson Valley for you oenophiles) after a very exciting day with Betta Carrano, shoe designer, and her wonderfully fabulous right hand woman, Miriam.

I know you expect me to tell you about Betta's amazing summer sandals and flats, but first I have to tell you Miriam's story.... ok, not her whole story, but here are two really fun facts. First, she has twins. A boy and a girl. And the girl, Chella, has GORGEOUS red, curly hair. Like the kind we would pay big money for, but would never get. Grey? Oh, yeah, he's cute, too. If you're the mother of a 3 year old girl in the New York area, watch out. He's a looker!

Second fun fact: Miriam used to be a producer for the Maury Pauvich Show. Really? We thought she was a born shoe salesman!

Regardless, we had a ball with Betta and Miriam today (oh yeah, and the shoes are fabulous!). Come see us at Fleur and get some fabulousness for yourself!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One mistake i always make....

After last nights celebratory "post bank" champagne, I awoke this morning with a dreadful headache, not from a hangover, but from the infamous clothing BOMB!! You know the kind...everything that once hung in your closet "beautifully" is now in a GIANT ball on the floor....'s so painful when cleaning, especially realizing most items need to be sent back to the dry cleaner for pressing!!
On the flip side- you find out which clothes in your closet are the MOST resilient. The one line that will stand the test of time and trample is MMissoni...check out the pic, 18 hours stuffed in a corner and still wrinkle free!!!

PS....still can't find one of my bo'em feather flop???

Visit us online at or come pick up a piece of resilience at our store.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What economy?

So now I have a 2:00 downtown at my banker's office to discuss my finances -- me finances -- WHAT?? Priority #1, what does one wear to such a meeting? Here I am digging through my closet of Alice and Olivia, See by Chloe, Mint, and Paul and Joe duds in search of something sophisticated yet conservative. Ok, ok, ok here we go ...what about my brand new beautiful Hunter Dixon yellow silk tweed cap-sleeved jacket and matching pencil skirt with my favorite nude Jerome Rousseau slingback pumps -- this will be just perfect! I now definitely look the part of successful retail store owner so the next priority is not to embarrass myself in front of the handsome banker. Wish me luck!

To find the perfect outfit for work or play visit for some wonderful finds!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues...

Somehow I can’t get out of wedding mode… it occupied my time for seven months (well, more like 10 months) and now that it is all over I’m totally obsessed with mulling over pictures from all the festivities. I wish I could do it all over again! I wouldn’t change a thing…especially, the Kirribilla Selene dress that I wore to my bridesmaid luncheon. It was my favorite dress of the weekend (obviously besides my wedding dress)… and how pumped was I when I saw that Instyle featured two Kirribilla dresses in their Celebrity Wedding Special! Too bad we’ve sold out of the hot pink Aphrodite dress that was featured, but we just received a new shipment of amazing new styles!!! Don’t miss your chance to have one of the hottest dresses for the Summer wedding season…in the store now and will be online ASAP!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What to Pack?

I am frantically trying to throw some clothes in my Roberta Roller Rabbit Bag so I can head out to the beach. It is supposed to be gorgeous - a little windy - but who cares, you can still get a tan!  MMM - what to pack....ooh I found it! My Bo'em flips flops, Paul & Joe Shorts and Thirty nine 61 T-shirt.  And as always my Calypso Paisley Tunic for  supper with my honey - (the flips flops match that as well) - Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know you've heard of him...

I know you've heard of him - for over 50 years Andrea Carrano has been synonymous with stylish "Italian-made" women's shoes. Carrano began crafting his internationally-famed luxury line as a 17 year-old high school student. Yes, that's what I said - high school. What he lacked in experience he made up for in talent, style and passion. By 1962 he had established a chain of boutiques throughout Italy devoted solely to Andrea Carrano shoes and leather goods. Along with his adorable wife Betta he was one of the first Italian designers to open a boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York, and thereby introduced himself to the American market.

The creation of Carrano's ballerina flat dates to the 1950's, and in the United States it is still known by the name Baby. The Baby continues to be the essence of the Andrea Carrano line. In the last twenty years of the late Andrea Carrano's life, his darling wife Betta was by his side, and his muse quickly developed into an extraordinary designer in her own right. A young, talented woman with an international background, Betta's creativity and enthusiasm contributed tremendously to the company. After a ten-year hiatus, she has finally revived the Andrea Carrano brand, and we are so thrilled she did!

Fleur's shelves (and my feet!) are stocked with Carrano's spring line. My current obsession: the red polka dot flat...

Oh, and did I mention that Betta is coming for a visit??? Mark your calendars, friends, the beautiful Betta will be with us to gab it up and show us her latest designs on Thursday, May 14th. I personally can't wait!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sticks and stones...

If anyone wants to throw stones at me....I hope you choose these amazing jewels from Isharya. Featured in this months issue of Elle magazine, agates are the hottest spring trend! Paired with a cocktail dress or casual trousers and blouse- they transform any outfit. Impatiently, we wait for our box of Isharya to arrive any day! They are coming in a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes!! Come see us at the store to check out our new pieces from Citrine by the Stones, Wendy Mink, and Santi OR visit us at!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So…I thought it went April Showers bring May flowers? It is now May 5 and it is STILL raining -- what do you wear on a rainy night out with the girls?! Regardless of this weather, I am going to put on my new cute See by Chloe orange floral tank and my FAVORITE Maloles black patent wedges (I will just pretend we are sitting outside in the garden) -- at least I know I won best dressed! You can find these looks on our website -- along with many other fantastic Spring buys! Have a great night!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Here comes the sun....

Having just spent a glorious week in Harbour Island, I am now in FULL summer mode… after this dreary Spring I am ready for some sunshine and a suntan. I fully embraced island life being able to show off my new Calypso dress of the season and my peacock feather embellished Bo’em sandals without having to worry about rain. Hopefully the April showers are behind us and we can all enjoy our fabulous sun dresses and flip flops! Make sure you have all that you need to enjoy the warm weather…
Here’s to a fashionable summer!